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About PEFC Logo Usage

PEFCロゴ Asia Promotions undertakes the PEFC logo issuance procedure for Japanese PEFC CoC-certified companies.

The logo can be used On-or Off-product, under license from PEFC Asia Promotions.

After acquiring PEFC CoC Certificate, please apply for the PEFC Logo use for using PEFC Logo on your products (On-Product), as well as on your business cards, invoices, web site (Off-Product) etc.

Procedure for using PEFC Logo and Application

  1. In order to apply for a PEFC logo usage license, please submit the following documents by either e-mail (PDF), fax or post mail.
    • PEFC Logo Usage License Application WORD
    • Photo copy of the PEFC CoC certificate issued by the certification body (Both English and Japanese)
    • Explanation of the purpose of the logo usage (free style)
    Please read the PEFC Asia Promotions Guideline "Issuance of PEFC Logo Usage Licenses PEFCAPGL2/2008 PDF" issued by PEFC Asia Promotions before submitting the application. The document contains a sample form of the application.
  2. With the completed above documents, PEFC Asia Promotions will send 2 copies signed of Logo Usage Contract. Please return 1 of the copies with your signature (and company stamp).
  3. Upon receipt of 1 signed contract, PEFC Asia Promotions will provide you with all the logo data in a CD, "PEFC Logo Reproduction Tool Kit". You can start using Logo abiding by Logo Usage Rules.

Key Points on Using PEFC Logo *Please make sure to refer to the Logo Use Rules for details.*

  1. The PEFC Logo can be used for the products with the content of more than 70% only of PEFC certified raw material.
  2. The PEFC Logo licence number assigned to PEFC Logo user shall be used together with the PEFC Logo.
  3. Any usage of logo in the way other than the Logo usage requirements; e.g. colour, arrangement and others, requires a permission from PEFC Asia Promotions.
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