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PEFC Asia Promotions is a non-profit-making organisation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Our objective is to contribute to the protection of forest and the preservation of the environment in the various parts of the world by raising the awareness and profile of the ideas and logo of PEFC, which aims at global diffusion and increase of sustainable forest management and wood-products produced from materials produced from sustainably managed forests. We wish to reach people, consumers and industries related to forestry, timber, wood-products, pulp and paper in each country and region.

PEFC Asia Promotions is specifically and solely engaged in the promotion and propagation of the ideas and logo of the PEFC schemes (Sustainable Forest Management certifications and Chain of Custody certifications), and not in the certification procedures directly. The procedures for applying for the PEFC certifications will be undertaken by PEFC certification bodies.

Our principal activities are the following:

How can you participate in our activities?

PEFC Asia Promotions is an NPO which aims at global development and the increase of sustainably managed forests through the diffusion of the PEFC ideas and logo. We welcome participation and support from those who agree and sympathise with our goals and objectives.

Please contact from here for details.

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