Training Program for Certification Body Auditors

2018年 4月 24日

SGEC/PEFC Japan provides regular education program for certification body auditors who undertake audits for SGEC/PEFC FM and COC certifications. Last week, as a part of the education programs, the participants made an inspection visit to a forest managed by Nippon Paper Lumber Co., Ltd. located at the foot of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Fuji World Asset Center located in Fujinomiya-city, Shizuoka Prefecture.

At the forest, an explanation was given by a representative form Nippon Paper Lumber Co., Ltd. on the outline of the sustainable management conducted by the company. At the Mt. Fuji World Asset Center, there was an explanation from a representative of Kagemaya Lumber Co., Ltd., who greatly contributed as the project manager to the achievement of SGEC/PEFC project certification applied to the center’s wooden lattice monument sourced from the above-mentioned forest, on the background of seeking the certification and the technical and aesthetic aspects related to the monument.

The local companies and organisations engaged in forestry and lumber industries in Fuji District are strengthening initiatives for promoting the locally made Japanese cypress as “Fuji Hinoku Made” brand in and outside of Japan.

SGEC/PEFC is committed to promote SGEC/PEFC project certification to be applied to the construction of wooden high-rise buildings, as a tool of achieving SDGs which is increasingly drawing attention of the society domestically and internationally.

39th Japan Kenzai Fair

2018年 3月 27日

SGEC/PEFC participated in 39th Japan Kenzai Fair, which is held semi-annually at Tokyo Big Sight.
At the mini-seminar space set st a corner of the venue, a lecture was given by SGEC’s Certification Manager Mr. Segawa and PEFC Asia Promotions’ Project and Development Manager Ms. Horio on the theme of “Internationalisation of SGEC and the Rising Interest in Forest Certification toward 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games among Various Regions in Japan”.


Next Japan Kenzai Fair will be held in August 2018.

Report on “SDGs – today’s hottest focus of attention and SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification” Seminar

2018年 3月 5日

As advised before, SGEC/PEFC held the captioned seminar on 20th March 2018.

As SDGs are the very timely and hot topic that many organisations and companies are strongly interested, about 130 people attended. Through the presentations given in the seminar, it has been confirmed that the ideas of SDGs and forest certification system such as SGEC/PEFC have many elements in common and there is much affinity between them.

We received voices from the attendants that they found the seminar very informative and meaningful and want us to hold the similar events again. To respond to such voices, we are considering to hold events with the similar program in the near future.

The report on this seminar (Japanese) is available below;-

SGEC/PEFC Seminar Report

PEFC Statistics by Country (a/o December 2017)

2018年 2月 26日

PEFC International has released the PEFC statistics by country (as of 31/12/2017).

The total area of PEFC-certified forests was 313.5 million hectares (36 countries) and the total number of valid COC certificates was 11,484 (72 countries), increase of 4.0% and 4.6% over the figures of the previous year, respetively. The sharp growth of both FM and COC in Japan drew much attention among other countries.

The details of the statistics are available on the following page of PEFC Internatipnal website;-











2018年 1月 5日


Report on SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in Okayama

2017年 12月 28日

On 20th December, SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in Okayama was held in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. It was the second round of a series of this seminar, which was held in the areas where acquisition of SGEC/PEFC Forest Management and CoC certification are showing rapid growth. With a participation of Okayama Prefecture as a co-sponsor, 45 people attended the seminar from the local forestry cooperatives, forestry/timber companies and governments.

The seminar commenced with the opening addresses given by the organizers. Then, presentations were given by SGEC/PEFC covering the themes such as the outline and current condition of SGEC and PEFC, the rules related to the implementation of COC, the use of SGEC/SGEC logo and the certification claims. From the representative of the authority of Okayama Prefecture, there was a report on the rapidly increasing FM and COC certification in Okayama and the current status of the establishment of the supply system of certified products, referring to the incentive programs granted by the prefecture.

A journalist of forestry policy, Mr. Y. Ishiyama, presented a suggestion on how to develop and expand the demands for certified products.

In the Q&A session, as a challenge to be sold it was pointed out that there is difficulty for improving society’s understanding of forest certification under the current situation where COC value chains have not been built up enough. In addition, a comment was raised that positive engagement of the administrative authorities is vitally important for promoting forest certification. The seminar was a good occasion to be aware of the current situation of and concerns related to Okayama where SGEC/PEFC certification is spreading rapidly in response to the expected increase of demand for certified products related to 2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games.



Eco-Products 2017 Closed Successfully!

2017年 12月 26日

“Eco-Products 2017” closed with a big success on 9th December. Reflecting the increasing social interest in the environmental issues, over 160 thousand people visited the venue during the show.

As the first trial for this year, we welcomed Kanuma City Forest Certification Council as a co-exhibitor and had SGEC/PEFC display goods displayed at the stands of 18 other exhibitors. This was a pleasant and welcoming change from the previous years, showing the spread of SGEC/PEFC displays from “points” to “surface” through “lines”.

We aim to welcome more co-exhibitors for Eco-Products 2018 with bigger stand!

Japan Was Spotlighted at PEFC General Assembly 2017!

2017年 12月 26日

At 22nd PEFC General Assembly held in Helsinki Finland, Japan’s national forest certification system SGEC was celebrated with 117 new COC certificates issued during the past 12 months for its highest annual growth among all other national members.

Fueled by PEFC’s endorsement achieved in June last year and the forthcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, both PEFC FM and COC certificates are showing remarkable growth in Japan. Following Japan were Spain and Czech Republic.

Regarding FM certificates, Indonesia was awarded for the highest annual growth with almost 2 million ha of newly certified forest areas.


Eco-Products 2017

2017年 12月 7日

Asia’s largest annual environment and energy exhibition “Eco-Products 2017” opened today for three days until 9th December at Tokyo Big Sight.

This year, international forest certification system SGEC/PEFC is participating in this important event with Tochigi Prefecture’s Kanuma Municipal Forest Certification Council (KMFCC) as the co-exhibitor.

 At SGEC/PEFC stand (# 5-004 located in the middle of East 4 Hall and East 5 Hall), displayed are pamphlets and panels as well as sample PEFC/SGEC-certified products which explain SGEC/PEFC forest certification systems plainly and introduce the activity and the local certified products of KMFCC.

In addition, reflecting the rapidly spreading understanding and acceptance of forest certification such as SGEC/PEFC among companies and organisations of the forest-related industries, administrative authorities and academics, SGEC/PEFC pamphlets are displayed at other 17 stands as well.

Should you be interested in learning more about forest certification, SGEC/PEFC or KMFCC, please come to Eco-Products 2017 and visit our stand.


 SGEC/PEFC Stand 2


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