Report on “SGEC Forest Certification Form in Tokyo”

2016年 6月 17日

“Forum for Further Development and Internationalization of Forest Certification 2016”, was held on 7th June at Ichijo Hall of the University of Tokyo under the sponsorship of SGEC, co-sponsorship of PEFC Asia Promotions and support from Forestry Agency of Japan. The purpose of the form was to celebrate and report on the PEFC’s endorsement of SGEC, which was officially conferred to SGEC on 3rd of June with the main theme focusing upon the rising opportunities and challenges related to the further development of Japan’s forest certification system and its internationalization. The forum was honored by the presence of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, who also honored with her presence “Promotion of Forest Certification System of Japan in Future” held in October 2014 in commemoration of the participation of SGEC in International PEFC and the 10th anniversary of PEFC Asia Promotions. Her Imperial Highness Takamado commended in her words the efforts of all the dedicated people who had worked towards gaining this recognition by PEFC with words of congratulation and expectation for the role of SGEC as an international forest certification system in both English and Japanese. The forum started with the opening address by SGEC Chairman Dr. Satohiko Sasaki, to which followed the words of congratulations from the distinguished guests, Mr. Satoshi Imai, Director General of Forestry Agency of Japan, Mr. Ben Gunneberg, CEO of International PEFC and Mr. Alun Watkins, executive Director PEFC UK.After a short break, lectures were given first by Prof. Kazuhito Shiga, University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Life & Environmental Sciences on “The role of forest certification system in the future at the new-environmental era”, then by Mr. Kiyoo Nakagawa, Director of SGEC on “The role of SGEC as international forest certification system in the future at the new-environmental era”. Thanks to all of those various distinguished guests and their presentations, SGEC Forest Certification Forum became a very variegated and valuable event.

With the strong perspective that certified wood and paper will be used for facilities, buildings, wood products and printed matters related to 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, industry and society’s interest in forest certification is rising sharply. Reflecting this trend, as many as 300 people attended the forum and celebrated SGEC’s great achievement.


In addition, two days after the forum, PEFC Project Certification Seminar was held at a conference room of SGEC on 9th June. This seminar was organized taking advantage of the presence of Mr. Alun Watkins, Executive Director of PEFC UK, who was deeply engaged in and greatly contributed to the outstanding achievement of “100% certified status” of London’s Olympic Park, for which application of project certification was indispensable. Mr. Watkins willingly agreed to come to Japan and talk on the case of the PEFC project certification applied to the constructions related to the Olympic Park used for 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Showing the rise of interest in forest certification here again, about 65 people attended the seminar mainly from construction, building materials and wood product industries.


PEFC-certified cheques from Crédit Agricole

2016年 5月 23日

Clients at French bank Crédit Agricole can now enjoy their new sustainable cheque books, made with paper originating from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests. The largest banking network in France and the leading retail bank in Europe, Crédit Agricle has chosen PEFC certification for its cheques. The objective is twofold: reaffirming the banks commitment to the sustainable management of our forests and meeting the expectations of its customers.

According to a study conducted by the Group in October 2014, almost one quarter of their customers wish to have environmentally friendly cheques. In 2015, Crédit Agricole issued 23.4 million cheques.

Cheques in figures:
• The fourth most common payment method in France
• 71% of cheques issued in the EU are in France
• In 2013, the French used an average of 37 cheques per person

A pioneering step
“Two years ago, Crédit Agricole was the first bank to launch an environmentally friendly bank card, and enrolled in a bank card recycling process,” said Stanislas Pottier, Director of Sustainable Development for the Crédit Agricole S.A, explaining that this measure is part of the Group’s comprehensive approach.

The choice of PEFC is according to him “a major issue, as the responsible management of forests is an important tool in the fight against climate change.”

“This initiative from Crédit Agricole allows a virtuous act to become a daily gesture,” said Marc-Antoine de Sèze, President of PEFC France. “We are convinced that by choosing a certified product, everyone can contribute to the protection of our environment.”

Green Building’s LEED Credit Recognises PEFC

2016年 4月 18日

The green building movement – from architects and builders to specifiers and planners – can now benefit from an expanded range of responsibly sourced timber and forest products eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has just issued an Alternative Compliance Path (ACP). The ACP rewards building projects that use “wood products from certified sources as defined by ASTM D7612-10”, which includes internationally recognized voluntary forest certification standards such as PEFC (including its North American based members ATFS, CSA and SFI) and FSC. The ACP will apply to all LEED v4 rating systems including Homes v4 and to all LEED 2009 rating systems.

“Sustainable, PEFC-certified timber provides architects and the construction industry with great opportunities,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International.

“The possibilities are rather exciting in addressing challenges such as climate change, growing populations and urbanization, especially as wood offers innovative building solutions with a minimal environmental footprint.”

With LEED now including PEFC, construction projects can in the future obtain both LEED and PEFC Project Chain of Custody certification.
“The construction industry is one of the largest buyers of timber products – this means the sector has a huge influence on the type of timber in demand,” emphasized Mr. Gunneberg. “With PEFC-certified timber offering the widest choice of sustainable timber available to architects, specifiers and designers, we are poised to see an increase of wood used in construction.”

Wood is an increasingly popular choice for construction because of its aesthetic qualities, and numerous environmental benefits – including renewability and a lower carbon footprint than other materials. Forest certification provides evidence that wood originates from sustainable managed forests.

PEFC, the world’s leading forest certification system, is recognized by green building councils globally and has received top scores in independent evaluations, for example by the UK government.

Issuance of “PEFC Fact Sheet” (Japanese)

2016年 3月 30日

PEFC Asia Promotions has issued “PEFC Fact Sheet 2016”. This document provides the latest basic information on PEFC and SGEC, addingd answers to the questions frequently and recently asked.
We hope that the document will help our stakeholders in their understanding of forest certification, PEFC, SGEC and some related issues.

「PEFC Fact Sheet 2016 (Japanese)」

Report on the 35th Japan Kenzai Fair

2016年 3月 23日

The 35th Japan Kenzai Fair was successfully held on 18th and 19th March at Tokyo Big Sight, attracting over 20,000 visitors from all over Japan. as usual.
As a special contribution from the event’s organizer, Japan Kenzai Co., Ltd., a gigantic panel was displayed on a wall near the entrance, showing all forest certification logo marks (PEFC, SGEC, FSC), drawing much attention of the visitors.
Reflecting the increasing interests of the building materials industry in forest certification, being influenced by the news that certified wood will be used for constructions of building and facilities related to 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games , many visitors came to the Joint PEFC/SGEC booth.

Report on SGEC Forum “Current Situation of Forest Certification in Asia and the Way to Promote in Japan”

2016年 3月 8日

The captioned forum was held on 7th March 2016 (Mon) at Mokuzai Kaikan Big Hall in Tokyo.
The forum was organized by Sustainable Green Eco-system Council (SGEC) and supported by Forestry Agency of Japan, PEFC Asia Promotions and the Council for the Promotion of Sustainable Japanese Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Products (SJAF)

It was a very timely event considering that the process of PEFC’s endorsement of SGEC is in the final stage and CEO of PEFC International, Mr. B. Gunneberg was visiting Japan as a part of his Asia and Oceania outreach marketing activity.

img_3378Following the opening address by Chairman of SGEC, Prof. Satohiko Sasaki and the congratulatory address by Deputy Director General of Forestry Agency of Japan Mr. Shuji Oki and the keynote address by Mr. B. Gunneberg, six guest speakers/panelists made presentations on their company’s/organisation’s policy, activity and expectations related to the promotion of legal and sustainable forest-based materials/products and forest certification such as PEFC and SGEC respectively.
img_3380After this, a panel discussion was held, chaired by Prof. Kusao Endo, Chairman of forest-related NGO. During the session, many comments were presented actively, representing the voices from the actual business scenes, on the themes such as the challenges that the promotion of forest certification is facing with and business potentials of PEFC’s endorsement of SGEC, etc. The increasing expectation of the industries and society for the expansion of the use of certified materials/products was clearly demonmstrated, especially in relation to 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. A total 180 attendees shared the feel of necessity for collaboration and cooperation for the expansion of forest certification in Japan, thus making the forum a very meaningful event.

PEFC/SGEC Submitted Feedback to the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic/Paralympic Games

2016年 2月 16日

Early this year The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic/Paralympic Games (TOCOPG) published the framework of its high-level sustainability management plan and sourcing code, and conducted a public consultation for accepting suggestions and feedbacks from the stakeholders in public with the deadline set on 12th February.

The above-mentioned plan and sourcing code define “sustainability” mainly from three aspects, “environment: conservation of ecological conditions and biodiversity, water and soil quality, encouragement of the use of recycled materials” and “social: respect of human rights, adequate labor conditions, safety and health” and “economy: fair trade and rural development, etc.”, This completely fits the core ideology of forest certification as defined and included in its relevant standards and rules.

Responding to the public consultation, PEFC International submitted a proposal to TOCOPG that certified forest-based materials to forest certification such as PEFC and SGEC should be used for construction of buildings and facilities and paper used for printed matters and tickets related to 2020 Tokyo Games, emphasizing that such fits the principles of the sustainability perfectly.

Separate from this, Council for the Promotion of Sustainable Japanese Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Products (SJAF), established last January by 8 certification, verification or promotion organisations of primary industries such as agricultural, fishery, livestock and forestry for the purpose of promoting the use of safe and sustainable Japanese foodstuffs and wood/paper for 2020 Tokyo Games also submitted a proposal consistent to the purpose.

The member organisations of the association are;-
・FRIA Support
・Japan Fisheries Association
・Japan Livestock Industry Association
・Japan Good Agricultural Practice
・Japan Foodist Association
・Japan Accreditation Board
・Sustainable Green Eco-system Council

Hungary Became Latest PEFC Member

2016年 1月 22日

On 20th January, PEFC International reported on its website that Hungary became the latest and 41st PEFC member country with the participatin of Hungarian Forest Certification Non-profit Ltd. in PEFC Council.



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