Collaboration between Forest Certification and Financial Institution

2016年 11月 10日

On 10th November, Daily Japan Forest Products Journal reported on the Memorandum dated 24th October and agreed between Kanuma Forest Certification Council and the local financial institution, Kanuma Mutual Credit Cooperative (KMCC), for promoting the use of Kanuma-made certified forest products in relation to the recent acquisition of the SGEC’s FM and COC certification by Kanuma Forest Certification Council.
Based upon the Memorandum, the interest rate of the housing loans provided by KMCC applied to the houses in which certified wood is used will be set at 0.1% lower than usual.

Increase of demand for certified products and COC certificate holders is expected as a result of this collaboration between forest certification system and financial institution, and PEFC welcomes this initiative as a good contributor for the spread of sustainably managed forests, promotion of the local forestry and economic development of the local economy.

First Latvian private forest owners achieve PEFC certification!

2016年 11月 1日

Private forest owners in Latvia have reason to celebrate as the private forest association MA Krāslava becomes the first in the country to achieve PEFC sustainable forest management certification through PEFC Group Certification. Thanks to this, 23 individual forest owners have been able to certify their forests – together covering 417 hectares.

“We are extremely happy that the first forest owners have begun to benefit from the possibilities offered by PEFC Group Certification,” said Martins Ailts, Board member of PEFC Latvia.

“PEFC certification enables them to demonstrate sustainable forest management, gives them access to the certified timber market, and provides them with the possibility to attract some support from the government,” Mr. Ailts continued.

“A wish to be the best and the opportunities that certification offers were the driving force for us to achieve our certificate,” said Valērijs Drozdovs, group manager, explaining their reasons for gaining PEFC certification.

Several PEFC-certified consumer goods are on sale now!

2016年 10月 25日

One of the products is a series of paper containers for liquid manufactured by Paper Packaging Division of Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. These paper containers are used for 12 dairy products such as milk, coffee milk and other drinks manufactured by Saitama-based Mori Dairy Industries Co., Ltd.
This is the first case that PEFC-certified paper is used for liquid containers in Japan and it is expected that this will gain momentum for the rapid increase of environmentally-friendly paper containers in Japan.



Another case is a series of color pencils manufactured by Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. titled “Hollo nature canned 12 colors” and “Hello nature gift set”.
This is also the first case that Japanese-made PEFC-certified pencils were produced and placed on the market in Japan and we expect that it will much contribute to a rapid spread of environmentally-friendly stationery such as PEFC-certified pencils.
For the details of these products, please access to the under-mentioned website.




Report on “Fukushima Seminar “Toward Using Certified Materials for International Sports Stadiums and Facilities”

2016年 10月 4日

The seminar was held on 29th September with the sponsorship of Wood and Plywood Museum, co-sponsorship of Fukushima Federation of Wood Industry Associations and a support by Forestry Agency of Japan.

fukushima2Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games are over now and next will come 2020 Tokyo. A sense of need is spreading nationwide for using locally-produced environmentally-friendly wood and paper.

Reflecting such atmosphere, many people gathered at Koriyama city’s Big Pallet to attend the seminar, representing various relative local industries such as forestry, timbering, architecture, construction and administrative organisations.

The seminar program, presided over by Dr. Yasuhiko Hirakawa, Deputy Director of Wood and Plywood Museum, included the following presentations;
– “Meaning of Use of Certified Materials/Product for International Sports Facilities”
by Mr. Haruyoshi Takeuchi, Director, PEFC Asia Promotions
– “The Present Conditions of Locally-produced Certified Wood
by Mr. Takehiro Sekine, Chairman of Minami-aizu Association for Promotion of Forest
Certification and Mr. Masahumi Ono, President of Iwakizorin Co., Ltd.
– “Present Situation of Forests and Timber in Fukushima; Current Conditions of the Dose of
Radioactivity in Forest Space, and the Business of Inspection and Development of Production
Technology of Safe Wood Products”
by Mr. Yoshiaki Munakata, Executive Director of Fukushima Federation for Wood Industry

During the questions and answers session held after the presentations, were discussed themes such as overcoming the hurdles of participation in forest certification by small-sized forest owners, the reality of cleansing of radioactivity in Fukushima and the possibility of inclusion of radioactivity cleansing requirement in the forest certification standards.

fukushimaThe seminar was concluded by exchanging yells for encouraging everyone’s participation and efforts for realizing the use of Fukushima-made certified wood for 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Japanese Brochures of PEFC Project COC Certification

2016年 9月 12日

PEFC Asia Promotions issued Japanese PEFC Project COC Certification brochure in response to the increasing industries’ interests in the constrction of environmentally-friendly wooden buildings such as sports stadiums, international or national convention halls, schools and other public facilities.

This brochure is for the use of contractors, architects and designers and those others who are involved in planning and constracting such wooden buildings Contracors, and is available now in both English and Japanese.

PEFC Project COC Certification (English)
PEFC Project COC Certification (Japanese)
The Japanese version is also available by accessing to the PEFCAP Newsletter and Panphlets page of this web site.

PEFC Asia Promotions Newsletters and PEFC Pamphlets

Mäihä leads the way for PEFC project certification in Scandinavia

2016年 9月 7日

Scandinavia celebrated its first building awarded with PEFC project certification as Mäihä, a wooden apartment block, was unveiled at the Seinäjoki Housing Fair in Finland this July. Lakea Oy, the company responsible for the construction of the building, received their PEFC certificate at a special ceremony before the start of the Housing Fair.

The certificate was issued by DNV GL, an independent certification body responsible for verifying the origin of the materials throughout the construction project, from the start to the finish.

Interesting and challenging
“With it being the first PEFC-certified property in the Nordic countries, this building project has been both interesting and challenging,” said Pia Tilli, DNV GL’s Sales and Marketing Manager, during the certificate giving ceremony at Seinäjoki.

“The origin of wood in both the structure and the small wooden features has been cleared and secured,” Ms. Tilli continued.

“The high quality and their refusal to compromise is clear to see in the beautiful finishing and final output. And despite the tight schedule, this PEFC project was completed as planned.”

Nearly a thousand cubic meters of timber
Mäihä was built with modules made of PEFC-certified cross laminated timber (CLT) provided by Stora Enso. The modules were prefabricated in Hartola mill, ready for assembly in the construction site. The prefabricated elements include windows, doors and kitchen units.
In all, 990 m³ of timber was used for the building structure, exterior cladding, other structures, fixtures and decor.
“We are very pleased with the completion of this project,” said Timo Mantila, Chief Executive Officer of Lakea Oy.

“Our success is based on the fact that our suppliers and the project’s other partners were strongly committed to the implementation of PEFC certification.”
“We can say that Mäihä is entirely made of wood,” continued Mr. Mantila.
“One of the advantages of wood construction is speed. The foundations were started in November, and now just half a year later the building is ready for residential use.”

High quality finish
Development Director for the Finnish Housing Cooperative Heikki Vuorenpää congratulated the completion of Mäihä:
“That the end result is of high quality is an important issue for the Housing Fair. The sustainable origin of the wood is the quality factor, which supports the Housing Fair as a whole.”

PEFC project certification
PEFC Project Chain of Custody certification is a specific form of Chain of Custody certification that allows companies to take advantage of PEFC certification for their projects. Project certification was designed as a mechanism for gaining independent verification of the use of certified timber in a one-off project such as a construction project which has a limited duration.

For more information about Mäihä.
Marketing Manager Juha Uppa, PEFC Finland / tel. 045 118 9585
Chief Executive Officer Timo Mantila, Lakea Oy / tel. 050 581 8097

PEFC Asia Promotions Issued PEFCAP Newsletter Vol38

2016年 7月 20日

PEFC Asia Promotions issued PEFCAP Newsletter Vol38 dated 18th July 2016.
PEFCAP Newsletter Vol38 reports on the under-mentioned topics.
Please enjoy latest domestic and international PEFC news.

– Sustainable Green Eco-system Council Achieved PEFC Endorsement
– SGEC Forest Certification Forum in Tokyo
– PEFC Project Certification Seminar
– Issuance of “PEFC Fact Sheet 2016”
– Relocation of PEFCAP Office
Newly Certified Companies
International News
– PEFC-certified Cheques from Credit Agricole
– Republic of Korea Joins PEFC
– Green Building ‘s LEED Credit Recognises PEFC (USA)
– Establishment of PEFC Desk in Vietnam

PEFCAP Newsletter Vol38 is available below.
Please enjoy the latest domestic and international PEFC news.

PEFCAP Newsletter vol38

PEFC sharpens its focus on Viet Nam

2016年 7月 13日

With a committed government, engaged local stakeholders and a new PEFC support office, Viet Nam is well on the road to developing its own national forest certification system in line with PEFC international requirements.

“It is fantastic to be here and see the strong desire from the national government and local stakeholders alike to develop the Vietnam Forest Certification Scheme (VFCS),” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, during his visit to the country. “The progress they have made so far, and the sheer potential for uptake of forest certification, is impressive.” The government’s commitment to establishing the Vietnam Forest Certification Council (VFCC), which will take on the role of running the national system, was once again reiterated by Mr. Ha Cong Tuan, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) as he met with Ben for a one-on-one meeting.

“Mr. Gunneberg and Mr. Ha Cong Tuan have made a strong commitment to develop and operate the Vietnam Forest Certification Scheme as soon as is possible,” said Dr. Vu Tan Phuong, Director of International Cooperation and Training. “This will support the forestry industry in meeting market demands, while at the same time will strengthen the ecological functions of our forests, particularly in the context of climate change,” Dr. Phuong continued.

The PEFC Support Desk

Responding to the growing demand for PEFC Chain of Custody certification in the country, Ben’s trip to Viet Nam also included the opening of the new PEFC Support Desk at the Handicraft and Wood Industry Association (HAWA) office in Ho Chi Minh City. This office will act as a center point for providing technical support to the furniture processing hotspot of Ho Chi Minh City, and other adjacent provinces.

“We are happy to welcome international NGOs such as PEFC as they support our members in obtaining PEFC Chain of Custody, and we look forward to using the VFCS to fulfill market requirements,” said Mr. Nguyen Chanh Phuong, Secretary General of HAWA at the opening ceremony.

“Growing PEFC Chain of Custody in Viet Nam is a vital component of expanding PEFC-certified products on the global market. Significant volumes of PEFC-certified wood are currently imported to Viet Nam for product manufacturing, and then re-exported to markets worldwide. Moreover, domestic PEFC-certified sources will also soon be available,” remarked Ben.

“We therefore look forward to collaborating with stakeholders to increase production of PEFC-certified product in Viet Nam.”

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