PEFC/SGEC Exhibits at Japan Kenzai Fair

2017年 3月 9日

Semi-annual Japan Kenzai Fair will be held this year as usual. The 37th JK Fair will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on March 17th and 18th.

PEFC/SGEC will participate in this event as usual and display materials explaining about PEFC and/or SGEC with some sample certified products. The details of PEFC/SGEC stand are as follows;
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Stand Title: PEFC
Stand Number: A-07
Hall Number: East 3 Hall

SGEC will make a presentation at Mokuzai Jissen Seminar.
The details of the seminar are;
Date and time: 17th March 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Title: Internationalisation of SGEC and Reviving Regional Forestry toward Olympics
Presenter: Mr. Muneo Segawa, Senior Officer, SGEC

The use of certified wood and paper is recommended by the wood procurement policy for buildings and facilities related to 2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games. In addition, interest in wooden high-rise buildings is showing sharp rise among the relevant industries and organisations.

Accordingly, forest certification and certified forest materials are drawing much attention for their environmentally-friendliness.

Come and play sustainably!

2017年 1月 31日

The children of Valdagno, close to Vicenza and Venice in Northern Italy, can now climb, slide and play sustainably with the unveiling of their new PEFC-certified playground equipment.

The chestnut timber used to make the new structures comes from local, PEFC-certified forests in the Italian Small Dolomites of Veneto region. In fact, the timber is from the world’s smallest certified forest – a group of forest owners with just a seven hectare forest!

The use of chestnut to build the structures also marks the first public action of a regional project to promote the use of local chestnut wood.

“Italy is increasingly rich in forests. Forests that support tens of thousands of wood processing companies,” explained Giustino Mezzalira from Veneto Agricoltura.

“However, we are still importing at least 80% of timber from abroad. This means we are failing to transform this abundant wood resource into an opportunity for the local economy and the environment.”

By increasing the use of chestnut timber within the local industry, the project aims to ensure the active management of these forests. Without regular use and management the forests do not generator income and are therefore often abandoned.

“It’s a real pleasure to be a part of this project, which is giving a new dignity to the resources of our territory,” said Giancarlo Acerbi, the Mayor of Valdagno.

“The project will help to stimulate the attention given to our forests. As more companies invest in our territory, it will not only help our local economy, but also improve the environmental functions our forests provide, such as the prevention of landslides.”

Certified forests’ vital contribution to award winning wooden car

2016年 12月 28日

Looking for a little roadster made from wood? Your wait is over, with the award-winning Setsuna concept car by Toyota.

Built almost entirely from Japanese cedar, which came exclusively from an SGEC-certified forest owned and managed by Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., the car will last for generations. SGEC – the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council – is the PEFC endorsed national forest certification system for Japan.

Local, certified timber

“The use of wood is particularly special, as the car will change its color and texture to eventually become the car which is special to the family,” said Mr. Tsuji from Toyota.

“For us at Sumitomo Forestry, it was extremely important to use local, certified timber for the construction of this unique car. We want the forests that produced the wood to be around for generations, just like the car,” said Mr. Sano from Sumitomo Forestry.

Award winning

Following its debut at Milan Design Week earlier in 2016, Setsuna won the top prize (the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Award) at the Japan Wood Design Award 2016, which was announced at EcoPro2016 in Tokyo, Japan. The car then went on display near the entrance of the venue, surprising over 170,000 visitors to the show.

The Japan Wood Design Award started in 2015 as a government-subsidized initiative to promote the use of wood and is granted to any wood-related goods and events that are considered to enrich and improve society, livelihood and health.

The evaluation is done by 16 assessors, representing the relevant industry sectors such as architecture, space, building materials, woodcraft, communications, technology and researches.

Environmental credentials

“It is wonderful to see such a beautifully designed car with serious environmental credentials, and we are delighted with their choice to use wood from an SGEC-certified forest,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International.

“The use of wood in construction is becoming increasingly relevant. Wood materials not only offer unique construction solutions, but if sourced sustainably from a certified forest, can also help prevent the overexploitation and degradation of the world’s forests.”

PEFC and SGEC Exhibit at Eco-products 2016

2016年 11月 29日

International forest certification system PEFC and Sustainable Green Eco-system Council will exhibit jointly at Eco-products 2016 which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days beginning from 8th December 2016.

With the expectation that certified wood and paper will be preferably used for the construction projects and printed matters related to the forthcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, social interests in forest certification is rising sharply.
At PEFC/SGEC booth, various materials and sample certified products of both PEFC and SGEC will be displayed.

Please come and see us!

Event details
Date and Time: 8th -10th December 2016
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East 1 Hall, “Eco-life Starting from Forests” Area Booth # F-24
Stand title:”International Forest Certification System PEFC/Sustainable Green Eco-system Council (SGEC)”

Kyushu-made Certified Wood Promotion Seminar in Tokyo

2016年 11月 21日

Under the sponsorship of Kyushu Economic Federation and support from Kyushu Forest Management Office of Forestry Agency of Japan and the Kyushu’s seven prefectures, “Kyushu-made Certified Wood Promotion Seminar in Tokyo” will be held on 5thg December.
The seminar aims to invigorate the forest and timber industry of Kyushu by way of promotion of Kyushu-made wood and appeals the use of Kyushu-made wood for the facilities related to 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
If you are interested, please refer to the under-mentioned details. Your attendance is much welcomed.

“Kyushu-made Certified Wood Promotion Seminar in Tokyo”
Date and Time: 5th December 2016 (Mon) 15:00-17:00 (registration: 14:30)
Venue: Tekko Kaikan Rm 801 (8F) (3-2-10 Kayaba-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Details: Invitation letter (Japanese) Seminar Program (Japanese)

Collaboration between Forest Certification and Financial Institution

2016年 11月 10日

On 10th November, Daily Japan Forest Products Journal reported on the Memorandum dated 24th October and agreed between Kanuma Forest Certification Council and the local financial institution, Kanuma Mutual Credit Cooperative (KMCC), for promoting the use of Kanuma-made certified forest products in relation to the recent acquisition of the SGEC’s FM and COC certification by Kanuma Forest Certification Council.
Based upon the Memorandum, the interest rate of the housing loans provided by KMCC applied to the houses in which certified wood is used will be set at 0.1% lower than usual.

Increase of demand for certified products and COC certificate holders is expected as a result of this collaboration between forest certification system and financial institution, and PEFC welcomes this initiative as a good contributor for the spread of sustainably managed forests, promotion of the local forestry and economic development of the local economy.

First Latvian private forest owners achieve PEFC certification!

2016年 11月 1日

Private forest owners in Latvia have reason to celebrate as the private forest association MA Krāslava becomes the first in the country to achieve PEFC sustainable forest management certification through PEFC Group Certification. Thanks to this, 23 individual forest owners have been able to certify their forests – together covering 417 hectares.

“We are extremely happy that the first forest owners have begun to benefit from the possibilities offered by PEFC Group Certification,” said Martins Ailts, Board member of PEFC Latvia.

“PEFC certification enables them to demonstrate sustainable forest management, gives them access to the certified timber market, and provides them with the possibility to attract some support from the government,” Mr. Ailts continued.

“A wish to be the best and the opportunities that certification offers were the driving force for us to achieve our certificate,” said Valērijs Drozdovs, group manager, explaining their reasons for gaining PEFC certification.

Several PEFC-certified consumer goods are on sale now!

2016年 10月 25日

One of the products is a series of paper containers for liquid manufactured by Paper Packaging Division of Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. These paper containers are used for 12 dairy products such as milk, coffee milk and other drinks manufactured by Saitama-based Mori Dairy Industries Co., Ltd.
This is the first case that PEFC-certified paper is used for liquid containers in Japan and it is expected that this will gain momentum for the rapid increase of environmentally-friendly paper containers in Japan.



Another case is a series of color pencils manufactured by Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. titled “Hollo nature canned 12 colors” and “Hello nature gift set”.
This is also the first case that Japanese-made PEFC-certified pencils were produced and placed on the market in Japan and we expect that it will much contribute to a rapid spread of environmentally-friendly stationery such as PEFC-certified pencils.
For the details of these products, please access to the under-mentioned website.




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