Milk in PEFC-certified Paper Pack is Delivered to School Children

2017年 10月 11日

PEFC-certified paper pack, manufactured and supplied by Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. is used for the milk that children in Kanagawa Prefecture drink at meals everyday.
This PEFC-certified paper pack is adopted by 235 elementary and junior high schools, school meal kitchens and meal delivery centers located in Yokohama, Yamato, Sagamihara and Ayase areas. Approximately 2 million packs are used monthly, giving chance to so many children to see the PEFC logo mark everyday.
PEFC is very proud of the decision made by Yokohama Milk Industry Co., Ltd. to select PEFC logo mark that values forests and assures their protection forever, and wish that this move will spread widely among other schools in Japan.

Report on SGEC’s Lecture Meeting on Indigenous People/Ainu People

2017年 9月 8日

On 6th September, Sustainable Green Eco-system Council (SGEC) held the captioned lecture meeting inviting two guest lecturers from Ainu Association of Hokkaido, Mr. Yupo Abe, President and Mr. Yukio Satoh, Chief Secretary.

The criteria of sustainable forest certification include requirements from there aspects such as environment, social and economic aspects, and the protection of indigenous people’s rights is considered as one of the most important elements of the social aspects.

This lecture meeting was held for the purpose of improving the stakeholders’ understanding of Ainu people as indigenous people, and the attendees from certification bodies, industrial organizations, companies and NGOs leaned much about the history and the current situation of Ainu people attentively.


Report on two “SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminars in Tokyo”

2017年 9月 6日

Reflecting the rapidly expanding interest in forest certification amongst forest-based product industries such as forestry, timber, paper and furniture industry, the captioned two seminars dated 23rd and 29th August were held with over capacity 220 attendees.

With the program of the seminars including variety of topics such as the latest general news of post-endorsement SGEC, rules of how to handle SGEC and PEFC certified materials in each COC certification, procedures for interchange between PEFC and SGEC claims, SGEC/PEFC project COC certification related to construction projects related to 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, we received many favorable comments from the attendees.

In response to the increasing demands, SGEC and PEFC Asia Promotions are planning to hold a similar event in the forthcoming autumn in Western Japan. We will make an announcement as soon as the details have been determined.

Rapidly Growing PEFC in Russia

2017年 8月 17日

PEFC Russia was established in April 2003, joined PEFC International in October 2004, endorsed by PEFC in February 2009 and re-endorsed in February 2010.

Regarding FM Certification, the first certificate was issued in March 2010 to a Finnish company operating in the European Russia.

Due to an internal reason, the area of certified forests became none in 2015.

However, after strengthening up the organization in 2015, PEFC Russia has shown remarkable growth from 2016 with over 12.0 million Ha of certified area and 26 COC certificates.

PEFC International values the potentiality of the forestry and wood industry of Russia which has forests of over 800 million Ha and the increasing demands for sustainably produced Russian forest industry products.

An economic and industrial cooperation agreement was signed between Japan and Russia at the summit talks held in Japan last autumn, investments from Japan and trades between the two countries are expected to be activated and expand remarkably.

SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in Tokyo (2nd) Will Be Held on 29th August

2017年 8月 1日

SGEC and PEFC Asia Promotions will hold “SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in Tokyo (2nd)” in addition to the same seminar dated 23rd August.

The second seminar will be held on 29th August in response to the demands from those applicants who will not be able to attend the first one due to the limited capacity of the venue.

The seminar program will be the same, but the venue will be changed to the following location;

<Seminar Venue>

Ishigaki Kinen Hall

Sankaido Bldg 9F, 1-9-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo


”2nd SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in Tokyo Program (Japanese Only)
Please apply for attendance by Email with your name and company name to the following address

Awarding Ceremony of Japan’s First SGEC/PEFC Project COC Certificate

2017年 7月 28日

In Fujinomiya city of Shizuoka Prefecture, Mt Fuji World Asset Centre is currently under construction toward the inauguration expected in December this year. In mid-July, the construction of the wooden latticework monument was completed as a part of the building. This monument is calling much attention not only for its beautiful appearance but also for the fact that local Japanese cypress woods, which are certified to SGEC/PEFC and distributed under “Fuji Hinoki” brand, were used and that its construction project was granted SGEC/PEFC project COC certification as the first case in Japan.

On 27th July, the certificate awarding ceremony was held at a conference room of Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA) which undertook the audits of this project certification.

Amongst the attendants of the ceremony giving words of thanks and delights were Mayor of Fuji City Mr. Konagai who is Chairman of Fuji District Forestry Promotion Association and other officials from the local administrative bodies such as Mr. Tajima, Head of Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji Agriculture and Forestry Office. Attendants from the architectural sector were Mr. Kageyama, CEO of Kageyama Mokuzai Co., Ltd who assumed the role of the project manager and Mr. Satoh from Shelter Corporation in charge of the materials procurement and delivery.

(Fuji City Mayor Mr. Konagai & JIA Chairman Mr. Suzuki)

Representing JIA, Mr. Suzuki, Chairman, gave a congratulatory address, to which followed a few words given by the representatives from SGEC and PEFC Asia Promotion.

Before concluding the ceremony, several questions were asked by media reporters on the overall flow of the certified woods, some technical factors related to the construction of the monument and the expected impact of the achievement of this project COC certification on the industries and society.

Finally, this auspicious event was concluded by a commemorative photograph session.

SGEC/PEFC welcomed this achievement with great pleasure as a sample case which is associated with the worldly brand Mt. Fuji World Asset, preceding the rising social interests in environmentally-friendly construction of large-scale buildings using certified materials in relation to 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in Tokyo

2017年 7月 25日

Reflecting the recent upsurging social interests in forest certification, a number of companies have newly acquired SGEC forest management certification or SGEC/PEFC COC certification during the past 12 months.

Accordingly, we are receiving various inquiries on the required procedures in the actual business contexts, and considered that many certificate holders and stakeholders want to familiarize themselves with concrete procedures and rules.

Therefore, this seminar is organized mainly for those who are already certified as well as those who are considering seeking certification.

For details of the SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in Tokyo is available below.

Seminar Program (Japanese only)

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