List of PEFC Certificate Holders in Japan


e tables below are made based upon the data provided by SGEC, which is the governing body of PEFC system in Japan.

For details, please refer to the under-mentioned SGEC’s website.

Forest Management Certification (2017/4)

Certification Council

Certificate Holder Name

(Total 16 Certificates)

CB Validity Cert. # Logo # Prefecture Area (Ha) Total 185,135.18
Chichibu City J 18/12/2021 JIA-017 Saitama 2,996.47
Hiyoshicho Forestry Cooperative J 30/11/2020 JIA-007 Kyoto 9,476.38
Tokushima Forest Promotion Organization J 25/8/2021 JIA-013 Tokushima 9,910.33
Ogunimachi Forestry Cooperative J 21/9/2020 JIA-W016 Kumamoto 7,416.00
Ozora Town J 20/10/2021 JIA-016 Hokkaido 1,480.86
Otsumachi Forest J 20/10/2021 JIA-019 Kumamoto 1,357.67
Tochigi Prefecture J 20/10/2021 JIA-015 Tochigi 1,572.25
Kamikoani Village J 28/9/2020 JIA-014 Akita 1,984.45
Kodama Shinrinkumiai S 26/12/2021 SGSJP-033 Saitama 132.98
MITSUI & Co., Ltd. S 19/12/2021 SGSJP-031 Tokyo 44,417.00
Eiwajitsugyo Co., Ltd. S 15/12/2021 SGSJP-032 Osaka 1,280.73
Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. JA 24/9/2021 JAFTA-010 Tokyo 46,213.07
Kyushu Regional Forest Office J 27/3/2022 JIA-008 Kumamoto 37,061.55
Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. JA 30/9/2017 JAFTA-018 Iwate, Miyagi, Hukushima, etc. 11,112.96
Tottori Prefecture J 11/11/2019 JIA-002 Tottori 1,021.0
J: Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association JA: Japan Forestry technology Association S: SGS Japan


Chain of Custody Certification(COC)


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