SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in Ehime

Nov 10, 2017

Recently, there has been a sharp rise in the acquisition of forest certification among forest products industries throughout the nation. Reflecting this trend, the secretariats of PEFC Asia Promotions and SGEC are receiving many requests for information related to general issues of forest certification and questions on acquiring forest management certification and/or COC certification.
In response to such voices, we are planning to organize SGEC/PEFC Forest Certification Seminar in those selected areas where acquisition of FM and/or COC certification is showing prominent growth among others.
The first seminar will be held in Ehime Prefecture on 29th November.
Those who live in Ehime or its surrounding areas, please apply for the seminar and learn about SGEC/PEFC!

For applying for the seminar, kindly advise company name, section, your name by e-mail to;-

Seminar Program (in Japanese)

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