Milk in PEFC-certified Paper Pack is Delivered to School Children

Oct 11, 2017

PEFC-certified paper pack, manufactured and supplied by Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. is used for the milk that children in Kanagawa Prefecture drink at meals everyday.
This PEFC-certified paper pack is adopted by 235 elementary and junior high schools, school meal kitchens and meal delivery centers located in Yokohama, Yamato, Sagamihara and Ayase areas. Approximately 2 million packs are used monthly, giving chance to so many children to see the PEFC logo mark everyday.
PEFC is very proud of the decision made by Yokohama Milk Industry Co., Ltd. to select PEFC logo mark that values forests and assures their protection forever, and wish that this move will spread widely among other schools in Japan.

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