Awarding Ceremony of Japan’s First SGEC/PEFC Project COC Certificate

Jul 28, 2017

In Fujinomiya city of Shizuoka Prefecture, Mt Fuji World Asset Centre is currently under construction toward the inauguration expected in December this year. In mid-July, the construction of the wooden latticework monument was completed as a part of the building. This monument is calling much attention not only for its beautiful appearance but also for the fact that local Japanese cypress woods, which are certified to SGEC/PEFC and distributed under “Fuji Hinoki” brand, were used and that its construction project was granted SGEC/PEFC project COC certification as the first case in Japan.

On 27th July, the certificate awarding ceremony was held at a conference room of Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA) which undertook the audits of this project certification.

Amongst the attendants of the ceremony giving words of thanks and delights were Mayor of Fuji City Mr. Konagai who is Chairman of Fuji District Forestry Promotion Association and other officials from the local administrative bodies such as Mr. Tajima, Head of Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji Agriculture and Forestry Office. Attendants from the architectural sector were Mr. Kageyama, CEO of Kageyama Mokuzai Co., Ltd who assumed the role of the project manager and Mr. Satoh from Shelter Corporation in charge of the materials procurement and delivery.

(Fuji City Mayor Mr. Konagai & JIA Chairman Mr. Suzuki)

Representing JIA, Mr. Suzuki, Chairman, gave a congratulatory address, to which followed a few words given by the representatives from SGEC and PEFC Asia Promotion.

Before concluding the ceremony, several questions were asked by media reporters on the overall flow of the certified woods, some technical factors related to the construction of the monument and the expected impact of the achievement of this project COC certification on the industries and society.

Finally, this auspicious event was concluded by a commemorative photograph session.

SGEC/PEFC welcomed this achievement with great pleasure as a sample case which is associated with the worldly brand Mt. Fuji World Asset, preceding the rising social interests in environmentally-friendly construction of large-scale buildings using certified materials in relation to 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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