PEFC/SGEC International Photo Contest

Apr 25, 2017

PEFC International will offer PEFC Photo Contest、in response to the proposal from PEFC Italy, during Earth Day 2017 which starts from 22nd April 2017 to 5th June 2017.
In Japan, SGEC will offer the photo contest with co-sponsorship of PEFC Asia Promotions and the best awarded photograph will be nominated for the International Contest.
This is the event that PEFC has planned for the first time and the awarded photographs will be used for various purposes such as calendars or photo books in the future, thus will make much contribution for promotion of forest management in the world.

The details of the SGEC Photo Contest is available below.
SGECフォトコンテスト (Japanese language)

Please contact SGEC Secretariat for inquiries.

Join us and send your nice forest pictures!

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